April 28, 2017

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ACBG Blue Print Rolls Slide

need blueprints . . .

Apple Creek can help

ACBG Design Planning

project consulting

project planning

. . . we do that too

ACBG Kitchen 1 Before

dream this . . .

ACBG Kitchen 1A After

becomes this

ACBG Kitchen 1B AfterACBG Kitchen 1C After
ACBG Kitchen 2A After

perhaps this . . .

ACBG Kitchen Sink Window White 1

maybe this . . .

ACBG Kitchen Double Glass Entry Doors White

or minimalist . . .

ACBG Kitchen 3A After

how about this . . .

ACBG Kitchen 4A After

maybe even this big . . .

ACBG Dining Room 2 Windows Doors.jpg

or yard-view dining

. . . and sunshine

ACBG Dining Room 1 Windows Doors

maybe an . . .

afternoon luncheon

ACBG New Framed House 2AACBG New Framed House 1A

or sometimes . . .


at the beginning

ACBG Family Room Balcony Doors

building this . . .

ACBG House 1A

or building this . . .

Home Inspections in Kitchener and Waterloo

or do you need . . .

a home inspection

ACBG Bathroom 1A

or is it . . .

creature comforts

you'd like

ACBG Bathroom 6AACBG Bathroom 4AACBG Bathroom 5AACBG Bathroom 4BACBG Bathroom 1CACBG Bathroom 7AACBG Bathroom 1EACBG Bathroom Grey Recessed SinkACBG Bathroom 1BACBG Bathroom Custom Glass Shower At Whirlpool
ACBG Sunroom 3


a casual sunroom

. . . we can do that

ACBG Sunroom 4

or a more

formal sunroom

. . . we can do that too

ACBG Fireplace Den

or . . .

a fireplace den

ACBG Fireplace Cottage

what about . . .

a warm cozy cottage

or is it . . .

comfort and relaxation

your heart desires

ACBG Bedroom 1BACBG Bedroom 1AACBG Bedroom 1C
ACBG Wall PaintingACBG Painting Coloured Letters




faux finishing

textured surfacing

. . . . . we do it all

ACBG Memberships & Affiliations 2015 - Not Transparent Gamma Saturated 960 x 90 72dpi

Thank you for considering Apple Creek for your next construction-renovation project.

We will always strive to be both comprehensive yet price conscious, paying considerable attention to detail, so that your new construction-renovation experience is a complete success. Our workmanship and materials are guaranteed for up to five years from the date work is completed. Wherever specific manufacturers’ product warranties exceed this five years, we stand with you . . . Read More

Home Inspections in Kitchener and WaterlooFor a thorough home inspection call Apple Creek Homes & Renovations.

Our attention to professional inspection detail is second to none, plus we possess in-depth building and renovation experience. Over 38 years of meticulous observance gives us a keen eye on just what to look for. We are Ontario Building Code practiced and versed. When buying a home, you need to know it is a well-built, safe and reliable investment for you and your family. What better way to get the necessary answers you . . . Read More

ACBG Arched Window SilhouetteAs you contemplate replacing your old, tired and worn-out windows, consider the following:

When removing the old windows, you basically have two choices. You can simply remove the old window sash, thereby leaving behind the existing window frame and trims, or you can elect to remove the window frame and trims as well, thereby leaving the larger roughed-in opening. This larger roughed-in opening allows for greater glass area, which permits more daylight to enter. As well, by not doubling-up . . . Read More

ACBG Telephone Standard Black LargeYou have a project in mind. You’re ready to renovate. How can you help yourself by helping your builder-renovator?

To begin with, you can do some research before even contacting them. Sure, a good builder-renovator will offer you some assistance with design ideas and product samples. However, you can motivate them to work even harder for you through some simple basic preparations. The classic phone call, ‘Do you do free estimates?’, does little to inspire anyone to . . . Read More