December 4, 2023

Replacement Window Tips

ACBG Arched Window SilhouetteAs you contemplate replacing your old, tired and worn-out windows, consider the following:

When removing the old windows, you basically have two choices. You can simply remove the old window sash, thereby leaving behind the existing window frame and trims, or you can elect to remove the window frame and trims as well, thereby leaving the larger roughed-in opening. This larger roughed-in opening allows for greater glass area, which permits more daylight to enter. As well, by not doubling-up on the window frame thickness (i.e. new window frame inserted into old window frame) you create a more natural and original window appearance.

While it will require slightly more work to remove the old window frame and trims to reveal the roughed-in opening, the overall finished look of the replacement window will be well worth it. Furthermore, a much better job of insulating and sealing around the new window can be achieved when insulating right to the roughed-in opening. Remember, your old windows were probably installed at a time when little or no proper insulation was placed in between the window frame and the roughed-in opening. Now is the best time to correct this problem.

Today’s window technology makes your replacement windows much more thermally efficient and resistant to air-leakage. What a shame it would be to surround this new window technology with antiquated insulating and sealing methods. A better job of window installation can save you future ‘energy dollars’. Also, the re-sale value of your home or property will be much higher when your replacement windows look the way windows were originally intended to look.

Most of today’s replacement style windows are custom ordered to the 1/4″ or 1/8″ size increments. Be sure to make the most of your new windows by making the most of how they are sized and installed.

Working smart, will save you both time and money.

Robert J. Fleming (President)
Apple Creek Building Group Inc.

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